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New Book:

Climate of the Southeast United States: variability, change, impacts, and vulnerability, Editors: Keith T. Ingram, Kirstin Dow, Lynne Carter, and Julie Anderson 2013. Island Press.

This book is a comprehensive review of the latest scientific findings on the climate of the Southeast and how climate affects people and natural ecosystems of the region.

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"Scenes from the 2013 SECC Planning Meeting,
held November 13-15 in Gainesville, FL."

News & Updates

New FSU Environmental Minute Radio Program :
Please join us for the Environmental Minute, a new radio program featuring environmental experts from The Florida State University. The program airs Mondays and Wednesdays on WFSU 88.9FM. Click here for more info

NOAA Climate Prediction Center: U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook :
View the outlook Click here for more info

WALB: Small Farmers Are Meeting in Albany:
SECC members Pam Knox and Carrie Furman work with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. Click here for more info

New article:
Climate Forecasting Gaining Traction among Farmers Click here for more info

Kofikuma Dzotsi wins 2012 dissertation award :
Congratluations to Dr. Kofikuma Dzotsi, who won the award for Best Dissertation of 2012 in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida. The title of Kofikuma’s dissertation is “Rainfall variability effects on aggregated crop model predictions.” His major professor was Jim Jones.

Recent Publications:

Mirhosseini, G. and P. Srivastava 2013. How Climate Change Could Affect Alabama's Rainfall - And Why It MattersAuburn Speaks 2013: On Water

Asseng S, Zhu Y, Basso B, Wilson T and Cammarano D 2014. Simulation Modelling: Applications in Cropping SystemsEncyclopedia of Agricultural ScienceChapter 233

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Asseng, S., Ewert, F., Rosenzweig, C., Jones, J. W., Hatfield, J. L., Ruane, A. C., Boote, K. J., Thorburn, P. J. 2013. Uncertainty in simulating wheat yields under climate changeNature Climate Change3(9): 827-832

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Boote, K. J., Jones, J. W., White, J. W., Asseng, S.. Lizaso, J. I 2013. Putting mechanisms into crop production modelsPlant Cell and Environment36(9): 1658-1672

C. Furmana, C. Roncolib, W. Bartelsc, M. Boudreaud, H. Crockette, H. Grayf, G. Hoogenboomg 2014. Social justice in climate services: Engaging African American farmers in the American SouthClimate Risk Management2: 11-25

Cammarano, D., L. Stefanova, B. V. Ortiz, M. Ramirez-Rodrigues, S. Asseng, V. Misra, G. Wilkerson, B. Basso, J. W. Jones, K. J. Boote, and S. DiNapoli 2013. Evaluating the fidelity of downscaled climate data on simulated wheat and maize production in the southeastern USRegional Env. Change13(1):101-110

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Dzotsi KA, Matyas CJ, Jones JW, Baigorria G, Hoogenboom G 2013. Understanding high resolution space-time variability of rainfall in southwest Georgia, USAInternational Journal of ClimatologyDOI: 10.1002/joc.3904

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Southeast Climate Extension 2014. Insurance for Row-Crop Producers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas,USDA Web

Southeast Climate Extension 2014. Farmer Costs of Individual Yield Insurance,USDA, Web

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Yang, X., Asseng, S., Wong, M. T. F., Yu, Q., Li, J., Liu, E 2013. Quantifying the interactive impacts of global dimming and warming on wheat yield and water use in ChinaAgricultural and Forest Meteorology182: 342-351


New non-technical sea level rise article by Gary Mitchum
Gary Mitchum from the University of South Florida has written a new article to explain Sea Level Rise in the Southeast for non-technical audiences. Click here for more info

SECC/AgroClimate: Seasonal Forecast
Click here for more info

SECC/AgroClimate: Monthly State Climate Summaries
From the State Climate Offices of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Click here for more info

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SECC Program Review
From noon 9 April through noon 11 April in Auburn, AL. Click here for more info

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